Editing user information

Every user in WeWorked has a profile. Profiles contain users’ contact and work information, such as email, name, title, hire date, and more. Administrators can see the complete profile for all users. Regular users can only view the profiles of users whose time they can approve and cannot view hourly rate information.

View Your Profile

You are automatically taken to your profile whenever you sign in.  You can also view your profile by clicking your name (ex. John Doe) in the Dashboard.

View Other Profiles

If you are an administrator or approve time, you can quickly jump to other users’ profiles by typing their name in the search box and clicking on the name of the user.

search box

Important: You will only see the names of users that you have permission to view.  To view the profiles of disabled users, go to Settings -> Users and click on the name of the user.

Editing Profiles

Administrators are the only users allowed to edit profiles.  Go to a users profile then click Edit in the header of the section you want to edit. Update the information then click Save.

edit profile