Report permissions

Report Access
Administrators can control which reports users and groups can access. Click Settings in the Dashboard. Then click Permissions. Under Report Access, add or remove groups and people to specific reports by clicking either Groups or People. Check or uncheck groups or people. Then click Save.

Note: A user must have been granted access to at least one report (either directly or by group membership) to access the report area.

Limiting Data Access
Administrators can decide to grant a user full rights to all report data or to limit a user’s rights to only the people whose timesheet the user can approve. Users with limited report access will have a tiny lock icon beside their name in the report permission area. Users are only allowed to create reports containing their own data unless an administrator grants them rights to view all report data. Under a user’s profile, click Permissions. Then click Edit to change the users report permissions.

Creating reports

Click Reports in the dashboard. Fill out the form with the information you want to go into the report. Click View Report to get results.

Exporting report data

You can export a report into Excel (.csv) or Adobe PDF format. To export, click the appropriate export link in the report header area above your report data. Important: Make sure you have your popup blocker disabled.
export timesheet report