Configuring leave policies

Leave policies are the rules that govern how users accrue leave. You determine how many hours of a particular leave type users accrue and when the rule will start. The starting point is based on the users’ hire date. You can configure leave to accrue daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. You can also apply a policy to a single person, multiple people, or all people.

There is also a feature to limit the total amount a user may accrue. And for companies with carry-over limits, you can set the maximum number of hours that a person may carry over into the new year. Annual carryover adjustments are made between midnight and 1:00 am EST on January 3rd to allow time for end of year timesheet approvals. The annual adjustment is based on approved time for the previous year. Negative leave balances are not adjusted. Accruals occur at midnight based on the timezone you set in your company profile.

Important: You must select Track Leave in a users profile to allow them to view their leave balances.  

Adding Leave Policies

Click Settings in the dashboard. Then click Leave. Looking at the leave policy section, click Add Leave Policy. Fill in the information then click Save. Assign people to the policy by clicking Assignments beside the leave policy. Select the people and click Save.

add leave policy

Editing Leave Policies

Click the name of the leave policy to make edits.

edit leave policy

Delete Leave Policies

Click the name of the leave policy then select Delete this leave policy.  Confirm the deletion to remove the policy.

delete leave policy