Remind users to submit timesheets

Administrators can schedule a notification to be sent at a regular time to remind people to submit their timesheet. The notification can go out weekly, bi-weekly, or semi-monthly. The notification will go out the last day of the period. If your weeks are configured to end on a weekend, the notification will go out the Friday prior to the weekend.

Click on Settings then Notifications. Click Edit. Schedule the reminder and click Save.

Task Timer

WeWorked has a built in task timer to help you keep track of the time you spend on individual tasks. You can start and stop the timer whenever you like. The timer will also add recorded time to the time you previously entered. All the math is done for you automatically.

To use the timer, switch to the daily view screen.


Then click the timer icon beside the task you want the timer to keep track off. You must add the task to the timesheet before you can start using the timer. The timer will start automatically.

task timer

Once you finished working on the task, click Add Time to Task. Your changes are automatically saved and the new time is added to any existing time.

save task timer

You must keep the timer screen window open for the timer to work. Just open another tab in your browser if you need to do other things.

How do I change my timezone?

There are two timezone settings in WeWorked.

  1. Company’s timezone – this is an overall setting that will apply to new users as the default timezone. Administrators can click Settings then Edit for Company Information to change the default timezone.
  2. User’s timezone – users can set their own timezone, thus overriding the default company’s timezone. Users can click Profile then Edit beside Contact Information to change their timezone.