Invoice Sets

Invoice Sets

Invoice Sets allow you to customize invoices beyond the default display settings. You can change label names, hide certain fields, repeat footer information, and even change an invoices layout (requires custom invoice).  Each invoice is assigned a single Invoice Set. The Invoice Set assigned controls the way the invoice is displayed.  For example, you can create an Invoice Set that renames Quantity to Qty and hides the Discount field.  You may want another invoice that always displays your banking details in the footer.  Invoice Sets are really flexible.

Creating an Invoice Set

Click Settings then Invoices. Under the Invoice Sets section click Add Invoice Set. Give the Invoice Set a name to help you distinguish it from others and adjust the settings to suit your needs.  Once added you can edit an invoice to use the new Invoice Set.

Note: Every account has a default Invoice Set that cannot be deleted.  This Invoice Set will display “(Default)” beside the name.

Editing an Invoice Set

Click Settings then Invoices. Under the Invoice Sets section click Edit beside the Invoice Set you want to edit.

Deleting an Invoice Set

Click Settings then Invoices. Under the Invoice Sets section click Edit beside the Invoice Set you want to remove.  The option to delete the Invoice Set will be at the bottom.


Custom Invoices

Invoice Templates

We routinely create custom invoices for customers with unique requirements or that just want their invoice to look a certain way.  Get a quote for a custom invoice by sending an email to with a sample of the invoice you want us to reproduce.  You will be able to select your custom invoice template from your Invoice Set.

Adding VAT to Invoices

You can enter VAT information for you company and for each client. For clients, go to Settings then Clients to add VAT information. For company VAT, go to Settings then Invoices to add company VAT information.

The information entered will be automatically copied to the notes section of your invoices when you create a new invoice.

Integrate PayPal Payments

Accept PayPal payments for invoices. All you have to do is connect your PayPal account to WeWorked by entering your PayPal email address. No password or other information is required.

Go to Settings then click Invoices. Click Edit add your PayPal email then click Save.


Then when you are creating or editing an invoice, check PayPal for Web Payments.

Once you share the invoice, your customers will have the convenience of paying the invoice instantly from the web. They do not even need a PayPal account. The invoice will automatically be updated in WeWorked to “Paid” once the payment is processed.

Editing invoices

Note: You can only edit invoices that are not marked Paid. If marked paid, you will have to change the status to “not paid” to make edits.

Change “Paid” status of invoice

To mark an invoice paid, view the invoice and click Mark Paid. To remove the paid status of an invoice, view the invoice and click Click Here in the “This invoice was marked paid on…” message box.

invoice status

Deleting an invoice

Viewing an invoice, click Delete this Invoice underneath the invoice. Then confirm by clicking Yes.

delete invoice

Invoice permissions

Sharing an invoice

You can share invoices with anyone with an email address. WeWorked will send them an email with a link to download the invoice. They do not even need a WeWorked account. Viewing an invoice, click Share then type in an email address. Separate multiple email addresses with commas.

share invoice

Click the X beside an email address to remove it and prevent that person from accessing the invoice.

Invoices Permissions

You can control who is allowed to manage invoices. Grant access to groups and people. If your account has the invoice upgrade, click Settings in the Dashboard. Then click Permissions. Add or remove groups and people by clicking either Groups or People. Check or uncheck groups or people. Then click Save.

Creating invoices

Invoices are populated with approved timesheet data from billable projects that have time charged against billable tasks.

Click Invoices in the dashboard. Then click New Invoice.

new invoice

Choose to start with a blank invoice or to populate the invoice with timesheet data.

When using timesheet data
Fill out the form with the information you want to go into the invoice. To get results, data must exist for the date range you enter and projects that you select. Click Save and Continue to create a new invoice.

Adding a line item

Right above the first line item, click Add Line. A new line item with a quantity of 1 will appear on the invoice.

add invoice line item

Removing a line item

Click the X to the left of the line item you want to remove. A message will appear asking if you are sure you want to remove the line item. Click Yes, remove row.

delete invoice line item