What happens when a person forgets to clock out?

If a person forgets to clock out, the max hours that will be logged is 23. For example, if a person forgets to clock out, the max hours logged will be 23 when they eventually clock out. An administrator or person with rights to view other users can always edit a timesheet to make corrections.

Can you create me a custom invoice?

Yes.  We routinely create custom invoices for customers with unique requirements.  Get a quote for an invoice by sending an email to contactus@support.weworked.com with a sample in either a word table or excel spreadsheet. Your custom invoice will exist for as long as you maintain an account.  Custom invoices start at $400.

Daily Comments vs. Weekly Comments

Weekly Comments relate to an entire week of time and are not displayed on our standard reports.  Weekly comments are displayed when you print a timesheet. Simply enter weekly comments from the bottom of the week view of a timesheet. Note: By default, weekly comments cannot be edited and function as a matter of record for the timesheet. Administrators may allow the editing of weekly comments by enabling the option under Settings.

Daily comments relate to a specific time entry and task and are displayed in the “Detailed Line Items with Comments” report.

Entering Daily Comments

There are two ways to enter daily comments:

    1. From Week View – double click the time entry field for the day that you want to add the comment and you will be prompted with a box to edit the comment.  Click save when you are finished making your comments.
    2. From Day View – click Edit Detail to view the comment box then click save when you are finished making your comments.

To make it easy to spot detailed comments in week view, a small bar will appear under the time entry that has a detailed comment.

Switching from Week View to Day View

There are two ways to switch to day view: 1) click on the date 2) click on the Day View link.

Switching from Day View to Week View

Simply click Week View above your timesheet.

Adding VAT to Invoices

You can enter VAT information for you company and for each client. For clients, go to Settings then Clients to add VAT information. For company VAT, go to Settings then Invoices to add company VAT information.

The information entered will be automatically copied to the notes section of your invoices when you create a new invoice.

How do I upload my company’s logo?

Click Settings then Edit for the company section. You can then upload a .jpg or .gif. You logo can be any shape. There is a size limit of .5 MB. Your logo will appear on all your invoices.

How do I change my timezone?

There are two timezone settings in WeWorked.

  1. Company’s timezone – this is an overall setting that will apply to new users as the default timezone. Administrators can click Settings then Edit for Company Information to change the default timezone.
  2. User’s timezone – users can set their own timezone, thus overriding the default company’s timezone. Users can click Profile then Edit beside Contact Information to change their timezone.


How do I upgrade my account?

Log into your account and select Upgrades above the dashboard.  Select a new plan and follow the prompts to upgrade.  

To change your credit card on file without upgrading, select the same plan you are already on and enter your new credit card information.