Daily Comments vs. Weekly Comments

Weekly Comments relate to an entire week of time and are not displayed on our standard reports.  Weekly comments are displayed when you print a timesheet. Simply enter weekly comments from the bottom of the week view of a timesheet. Note: By default, weekly comments cannot be edited and function as a matter of record for the timesheet. Administrators may allow the editing of weekly comments by enabling the option under Settings.

Daily comments relate to a specific time entry and task and are displayed in the “Detailed Line Items with Comments” report.

Entering Daily Comments

There are two ways to enter daily comments:

    1. From Week View – double click the time entry field for the day that you want to add the comment and you will be prompted with a box to edit the comment.  Click save when you are finished making your comments.
    2. From Day View – click Edit Detail to view the comment box then click save when you are finished making your comments.

To make it easy to spot detailed comments in week view, a small bar will appear under the time entry that has a detailed comment.

Switching from Week View to Day View

There are two ways to switch to day view: 1) click on the date 2) click on the Day View link.

Switching from Day View to Week View

Simply click Week View above your timesheet.