Creating invoices

Invoices are populated with approved timesheet data from billable projects that have time charged against billable tasks.

Click Invoices in the dashboard. Then click New Invoice.

new invoice

Choose to start with a blank invoice or to populate the invoice with timesheet data.

When using timesheet data
Fill out the form with the information you want to go into the invoice. To get results, data must exist for the date range you enter and projects that you select. Click Save and Continue to create a new invoice.

Adding a line item

Right above the first line item, click Add Line. A new line item with a quantity of 1 will appear on the invoice.

add invoice line item

Removing a line item

Click the X to the left of the line item you want to remove. A message will appear asking if you are sure you want to remove the line item. Click Yes, remove row.

delete invoice line item