General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new privacy regulation that goes into effect May 2018.

This document provides information about the law and how we plan to comply with the requirements set forth in the GDPR. We are actively working to incorporate new features that support user choice and bring increased transparency to our existing policies and procedures around the collection, storage, and usage of your data. We expect WeWorked to be in compliance with the GDPR by May 2018.

Know that we already build security and privacy into everything we do and the protection and proper usage of your data has always been a priority.

What is the GDPR?

At a high level, the GDPR requires companies to be transparent about how they collect, use, and share personal data. It also gives individuals more control over the usage and deletion of their data. Although the GDPR is an EU law, it is applicable to all online sites that collect data from or about residents of the EU.

For more information, read the full law here or take a look at this GDPR infographic.

WeWorked and the GDPR

Data protection and user privacy has always been a priority for us. Our existing privacy policy aligns with any of the GDPR principles. WeWorked was built from the ground up with privacy and security in mind. For example:

Content Control. Our goal is to give you as much control as possible over who can see your data. The security settings in WeWorked give you the ability to control who has rights to see and view certain information.

Government Requests. We understand the importance of safeguarding your data. We have strict guidelines and notification procedures for how we respond to data requests from law enforcement or governments. It is our policy to notify you when these requests are made and fulfilled.

Security is Priority. Understanding that no online service is every 100% secure, we work nonstop to protect your information from unauthorized access. We serve our website traffic over the encrypted Secure Socket Layers (SSL) that is the same level of protection used by the world’s leading banks.

It is your Data. Just as easily as you put your data in, you are able to get it out. It is our goal for you to stay with WeWorked; however, if you need to take your data somewhere else, you can always and easily export your data.

We will continue to update this page on our progress to enhance user privacy and data choice.